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City of Hope TI

Excellent example of space division using two different operable walls. Our Moderco Crystal system, (44 STC), provides acoustic separation of the break area and meeting space. When in use, the large glass panels provide physical space separation while still allowing an ‘open’ feel. Behind it, our Moderco 842 paired panel system, (52 STC), is used to create yet another space ... Read More

Perris High School

Here we have a beautiful installation of a bi-parting Moderco 842 Paired Panel Partition. This large system is 20ft tall and about 49ft wide, with half the partition stacking on each side of the room. The HPL finish is Wilsonart with Manitoba Maple at top, and Designer White at bottom. It does include a pass through door with automatic closer. ... Read More

US Bank Tower

Nice demonstration of two wall types working together to create flexible space! Extending the 44STC glass Crystal system gives the user the ability to create a large conference room. You can also extend the 55 STC 842 paired panel system to host two smaller private meetings simultaneously.

Lincoln Capital

Great use of a Tudelu Mute system to separate this conference room. This electric vertical partition provides an effortless space separation, not only visually, but acoustically as well, providing a 48 STC rating. Tudelu offers 3 different STC levels, and one system for space separation with no STC rating. They all come standard with an infrared safety system built into ... Read More

Holy Family Glendale Parish Center

Here is a terrific example of two partitions remotely stacking into a single pocket. The pocket doors are designed with bulb seal rather than roller latch at the wall and have a beautiful wood finish to match the surrounding walls in the space. There is one pass door with panic hardware, exit sign, automatic door closer. This is a 55 ... Read More

World Wide Packaging

Glass partitions are a great way to divide your space while allowing them to feel free and open! SAA Architects used this frameless folding glass system to separate a conference space without losing benefit of the natural light or making the space feel smaller. The pivot panel with ‘D’ handle allows convenient passage without needing to take down the system.


Here is a great example of flexible space division! This 50 STC paired panel folding wall separates a break area from conference room space. Notice the matching wall finish.

Emerald Expo

Westgroup Designs did a fabulous job on this creative office for Emerald Exposition. We utilized a Moderco operable wall with a fabulous distressed wood finish and since there wasn’t room for a pocket we stack along the window for large conferences. An added benefit is cutting down glare during presentations. The Extendo Telescoping Frameless Sliding Glass Office Front system also ... Read More

Hyatt Place Paseo

This project was a great way to end the year and bring in the new and just in time. How fitting that this project at the Hyatt Place Pasadena overlooks the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade! The suites at this premier hotel are even more special with custom Teak Raydoor Sliding doors to completely open the bedroom into the suite. ... Read More

LAFC – Banc of California Stadium

Every project takes on a personality of its own – this 22,000 seat Banc of California Soccer stadium is no different! A strict construction schedule, tight budget and highly customized products and lockers often felt like makings for a perfect storm; but the end result was just – PERFECT. This project showcases L2 Specialties’ wide variety of products, specialized manufacturers ... Read More

This sliding glass system has 1 fixed panel, 3 sliding panels, and a swing door. The contractor was Hathaway Dinwiddie Construction, and the architect for this design/build project was LMN Architects. The project came out great, and we are proud to we had the opportunity to be a part of the process.

Beautiful operable glass is always a great option for office projects and L2 Specialties has many choices for your projects! Breakrooms and conference rooms easily adapt to the needs of the client. This project for TK1SC’s Irvine offices features pocketing framed glass finishes designed by H. Hendy and the graphics were a great, classy finishing touch. Flexible and creative space ... Read More

Hotel Del Coronado – Power Plant

Established in 1888, The Del has seen many changes through the years. In the beginning the power plant building brought power to the entire island but those days are now gone. Now the power plant will be hosting power meetings and events with flexible space courtesy of our Moderco Excel operable partitions. OBR Architecture did a great job updating this ... Read More

Arnold & Porter Kaye Scholer LLP

Arnold and Porter’s new offices in downtown Los Angeles are as amazing as their global reach as a law firm. L2 Specialties was glad to participate in keeping these offices flexible with a pair of custom LaCantina sliding glass partitions for the main conference rooms. The views of downtown were enhanced by these finishes as well as the ability to ... Read More

TSG Wealth Management

Views like these need to be enjoyed and LaCantina Sliding Glass Doors were the perfect solution for opening up these conference rooms at TSG Wealth Management. 2nd and PCH is in the center of all the action and these offices have an amazing overview of the Harbor. TSG Wealth Management has been helping their clients reach their financial dreams for ... Read More

Securitas Conference Center

Many of our projects are with repeat clients like this project for the main conference center for Securitas. The client liked the unique way we stacked Moderco’s Signature 841 operable partitions with a warm fabric finish along the walls previously so they had us do it again. Stacking in front of windows serves multiple purposes, marker boards can be utilized ... Read More

Hollywood Studio – Private

Sometimes we work on some amazing projects but aren’t able to share the details – this is one of them. The finishes are too amazing to keep to ourselves especially if you’re looking for ideas of how beautiful your project can look. Take a look at how these Nanawall glass partitions look and you’ll want the same for your offices ... Read More


When you have great choices making a decision is difficult, it’s great when your project can have both! This project for Magento in Culver City utilized both the Moderco Crystal 241 with 44 STC acoustic glass and the Signature 842 Operable Partitions. The results were beautiful glazed glass panels at the entry and operable partitions with markerboards for an additional ... Read More

C+G Office Suite

Love the amenities on this corporate office campus renovation by Artisan Realty Advisors. We provided beautiful frameless sliding glass office fronts throughout and the finishes looks amazing. Light shines through and the views of the landscaping is enjoyed by all. Plus the glass is naturally sterile and cleanable – important as we head back to work. ASD/SKY designed this project ... Read More

St. Demiana Coptic Church

Many churches utilize operable partitions to maximize gathering and meeting areas for their congregations. The main sanctuary of St. Demiana Coptic Church utilized two sets of Moderco’s Signature 842 with 55 STC partitions and classroom used the Excel 742 with fabric finish and metal backed for display with magnets. Moderco is willing to listen when others won’t and provided 24″ ... Read More

WOW, that’s one of the first things you’ll say when you see the finishes on this project. Not that we’re biased but Moderco’s Crystal Acoustic Operable Partitions look fantastic with the black finish and the 12′ height is impressive. While the clear beautiful glass fits right in with the design by Studio Blitz the 44 STC provides privacy during presentations ... Read More

Ethel Dwyer Middle School

Where can your products be used? Frequently heard question and this project shows where on a school project – We used beautiful folding glass in the STEM classrooms, library, lunchroom for this great campus redevelopment in Huntington Beach. The Nanawall partitions bring in a lot of light, give clear open space, brings in the fresh ocean air and of course ... Read More

How does a 6,000 square foot facility become a Community Room, Assembly Hall, Academic Services Room and Child Care area during events? Beautiful Moderco Operable Partitions are hard at work at the Innercity Community Center. Since these Excel 742 operable partitions can set up in a few minutes this one large room serves many purposes in helping the youth in ... Read More

Homewood Suites Hilton

The Homewood Suites in San Diego is exceptional for numerous reasons. Located minutes from SeaWorld, Mission Bay, and countless other fun attractions it’s more of a resort than a hotel. L2 Specialties provided a 6 panel Raydoor sliding wall system. This system completely pockets away when the huge buffet area is open. Other times of the day the area is ... Read More

3100 NY Drive – Campus Renovation

L2 Specialties, Inc. provides solutions for corporate campus renovations to make them flexible. On this project we used LaCantina Doors for the clients to enjoy the beautiful views above Pasadena. Great choices by Graymark Capital and Studio G Architects, INC turned into this great lease by CBRE. CDG Builders brought it together well as GC.

Global Law

One very popular way to utilize operable partitions is expanding your breakroom into the conference room. That’s what Tam Studios did for these law offices with Moderco’s Excel 742 operable partitions. We love the great finishes throughout and are sure you will as well. When there is a need for either a larger meeting or break room the area doubles ... Read More

The finishes on this TI office project are almost as amazing as the views on this project designed by SAA Interior Architects. For the flexible space Moderco’s Excel 742 was the perfect choice and the full height markerboards will be used for ideas and display since they are metal backed for magnets. This system quickly transforms a large conference room ... Read More

Focus Room – West

The great finishes in this newly built stylish studio is equipped with three modern suites with floor to ceiling mirrored viewing, state-of-the-art AV with HD video, advanced technology systems and an expert management team. Moderco’s Signature 842 operable partition with custom white laminates open into a double viewed focus group / CLT room, making it the perfect size for larger ... Read More

Maple Plaza – Amenity Space

Another great example of flexible and creative space for office campus conference rooms. Tishman Speyer provided their clients some amazing and functional meeting areas that will quickly create one large, two smaller conference rooms or a wide open space for large office gatherings. SAA Interior Architects selected some very beautiful finishes throughout this project. The black trim for the Moderco ... Read More

Flexible space is a great need for churches too: classrooms for all ages, sanctuaries, multipurpose, and worship rooms. We love seeing all the bright colors in these preschools at Rolling Hill’s UMC on Moderco’s Excel 742 operable partitions. The automatic bottom seals make setup quick and easy, magnets are all you need to display posters and decorations. The privacy from ... Read More

Kaiser Permanente Hollywood Romaine Clinic

L2 Specialties also provides solutions on many healthcare projects like this at Kaiser’s Romaine Clinic. The conference rooms showcase Moderco’s beautiful Crystal 222 acoustic glass operable partitions. Not only do these partitions bring in the sunlight and brighten the room, but they provide a quick private conference room when needed in minutes. The pass doors are ADA accessible for ease ... Read More

Peninsula Senior’s Center

Another great example of some of our flexible space solutions on this senior center. This project utilized Moderco’s Excel 742 with 52 STC and also Woodfold accordion doors for storage closets. Whether there are ping pong games on one side and a reading group on the other, privacy is ensured! SAA Interior Architects designed some great features and finishes and ... Read More

Conference Centers are a great venue to showcase the advantage of operable partitions. County of Orange’s new training center was the perfect place for flexible space and the Moderco 842 operable partitions look great and quickly turn one large conference center into 3 training rooms. 52 STC and fabric finishes were a great choice along with many other great finishes ... Read More

At L2 Specialties we provide our specialties along with our Moderco operable partitions on many projects. On this expansion of Riverside University Hospital Millie and Severson turned to us for our flexible space solutions and Moderco’s Excel 742 was the right solution for these meeting rooms. Ware Malcomb designed this hospital beautifully and flexibly and the finishes look great throughout. ... Read More

BD Innovation Center

Centers for innovation need plenty of room for creativity plus flexibility. BD’s renovations to their innovation center were the perfect place to utilize Moderco’s Excel 742 operable partitions with full height marker boards. There is plenty of room for creativity on these walls and with the steel backing displaying and decorating is a breeze with magnets. With all these great ... Read More


We’ll need to visit this project by Kearny Real Estate often as it’s as it’s right around the corner from our offices! The indoor and outdoor amenities are amazing, especially the meeting and conference rooms. Ok, we’re biased as they feature beautiful Moderco Vision frameless glass partitions which set up in minutes so the open area quickly can become a ... Read More

Great to be part of this new project in Porter Ranch developed by Shapell Liberty Investment Properties. Architects Orange designed the community room for maximum usage and the Moderco Excel 741 was the perfect way to divide this large room and provide flexibility along with privacy for board meetings. Moorefield Construction brought the whole project together well as GC. The ... Read More

WE ARE FARMERS® You know the jingle well and Farmer’s has all types of insurance so they needed flexibility with their Ontario offices. Of course they turned to Moderco Signature 842 operable partitions for their training rooms. The training rooms on this project open up onto the break room, so it’s easy to expand for large meetings or social events. ... Read More

Glidewell Dental

It’s amazing to see this local manufacturer of dental laboratory products grow and flexibility is one of their keys. On this project L2 Specialties got to help with Moderco’s Excel 742 Operable Partitions. They were perfect for providing privacy and the partitions are metal backed so displaying with magnets was never easier. The markerboards are also well used for creativity ... Read More

Insight Investments

Being Southern California you’ll find great views and beautiful days to enjoy practically every day. At Insight Investments they’ll be enjoying the light in their break room along with flexibility with their Moderco Crystal acoustic glass operable partitions. When the full training and conference room isn’t needed this space becomes an expanded break room or opens up for large company ... Read More

The Garland

At L2 Specialties we do a lot of hotel projects, large and small, boutique and 5 Star. The Garland Hotel was a little throw back as they have really preserved an ageless vibe with custom furnishings and finishes here. We enjoyed providing Moderco’s Signature Operable Partitions for the Grand Ballroom. The high STC partitions and custom finishes will be enjoyed ... Read More

Tim Ho Wan

While this location isn’t Michelin rated yet, you’d better get in here before they are – like their Hong Kong restaurant! Amazing Dim Sum is being served here daily and a flexible menu like this deserves an equally flexible restaurant. That’s what L2 Specialties used Moderco Crystal moving walls to do. Sometimes you have a large group that wants privacy ... Read More

Beachpoint Church

Great changes are happening at Beachpoint Church in Fountain Valley. We provided our Moderco Signature operable partitions for the new multipurpose room but if you want to know how many rooms we can create here you’ll need your calculator! Four separate partitions allow many configurations and look at the photos to see that they are being well used. If you’re ... Read More

Rosewood Miramar

Montecito is such an amazing area, it’s only fitting that a 5 Star resort like the Rosewood Miramar would be built here. Rick Caruso’s dream became a reality on the Central Coast when Gensler designed this amazing project. To meet the needs of this world class resort L2 Specialties utilized three different sets of Moderco’s Signature operable partitions for flexibility, ... Read More

UC Irvine – Middle Earth

We love our Higher Ed projects and this project at UC Irvine is a great example of what universities need for ever changing class sizes and other events. Moderco’s Signature 842 paired panel systems quickly pocket away to leave large event rooms when needed or smaller size classrooms within minutes. This flexibility is the key reason most project utilize operable ... Read More

Radiology Partners @ Elevate

Amazing architectural finishes by Frank Gehry Architects combined with beautiful interior design layout and finishes on this project by HLW for Radiology Partners new corporate headquarters. The Elevate project’s towering ceilings were the perfect platform to fill with our Moderco Signature Operable Partitions. Creative Office never looked better as the breakroom can quickly be almost doubled in size by stacking ... Read More

111 Innovation, The Irvine Company

The Irvine Company revised their own construction offices recently and L2 Specialties was brought in to make the update was smooth and on budget. L2 Specialties has installed thousands of sliding glass office front systems, so our experience is unmatched and ability to reconfigure is unlimited. H. Hendy Designed some great layouts and the finishes and light shine through. JLC ... Read More

USC Iovine & Young Academy

We love our higher ed projects and the finishes at the USC Iovine Young Academy are amazing, great designs and Architecture by Frederick Fisher And Partners! We utilized two of Moderco’s Signature 842 paired panel partitions with 52 STC. The privacy provided is perfect for these laboratories and the full 11′ height markerboards give plenty of room for creativity as ... Read More

Great project at the Archer Schools and we were fortunate to take part in the flexible part with Moderco’s Signature 842 operable partitions. Originally planned to have dual partitions, we were able to meet the needs with the 55 STC of the Signature and the spaces look fantastic, the automatic seals allow for quick conversion of the room sizes. “Being ... Read More

MIT, El Segundo

L2 Specialties provides our systems for many higher education projects but don’t often get to do ivy league projects since we are focused on Southern California. Great to have an opportunity to work on an office for MIT and featured our acoustic glass Crystal system from Moderco. SAA designed this project overlooking El Segundo and it looks great along with ... Read More

6300 Wilshire

If you’re in the Miracle Mile and love amenities, you’ll want to take a look at Swig Company’s updated space designed by Wolcott Interior Architects. We utilized Moderco Vision 122 Frameless operable glass partitions for the Conference and multi-purpose room and it looks fantastic. It also folds away quickly with the paired and tri-fold panels. We have a lot of ... Read More

Sheraton Los Angeles San Gabriel

Beautiful finishes abound in the heart of the San Gabriel Valley at this beautiful Sheraton Hotel. Kollin Altomare chose beautiful features throughout to make for an amazing stay and fantastic events. L2 Specialties provided the flexibility to maximize the meeting rooms and ballroom with Moderco’s Signature 800 series operable partitions. The rooms can be reconfigured to meet the event size ... Read More

Flexible space is one of the reasons operable partitions are used in conference rooms. When you’re a public engineering office that flexibility allows public meetings one day and small meeting rooms the next like this project at Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering. Moderco’s Excel 742 was the perfect choice by Ex Novo Interior Planning and Design as the paired panels ... Read More


GHD’s offices have some great finishes abound in GHD’s new offices in Irvine designed by Westgroup Designs. The Moderco’s 841 single panel operable partitions were the perfect solution for dividing the training room in two and the partial marker boards provide space for brainstorming for GHD’s next water treatment project. CDG brought the project together well as General Contractor.

Think Together

Think Together has a great program for helping students of all ages reach their full potential in education.  L2 Specialties provided operable partitions and structural support to make sure their study rooms also reached their full potential for flexible space! Moderco’s Excel 741 with pass doors. pocket doors, 50 STC and automatic bottom seals were the perfect choice by CDL ... Read More

Cedars Sinai – MDR – Our Specialties

L2 Specialties spent much of the past year updating the corridors and rooms at Cedars Sinai, Marina Del Rey.  Working with Perera Construction we’ve installed FRP, hand rails, chair rails, stainless corner guards, crash guards and more.  These are many of the “specialties” we provide our hospitals, labs, and medical facilities throughout Southern California.

Loma Linda Korean SDA Church

L2 Specialties provides flexible space solutions to many churches and Moderco’s Excel 742 was the perfect solution for privacy with the cry rooms, overflow rooms, music rooms and classrooms to maximize the church’s space. Miller Architectural Interiors Planning beautifully designed this state of the art church to meet the growing need of this community. Pence Construction did a great job ... Read More


BDO is the place to turn for tax advice and business analysis worldwide.  We did our part to make sure that their conference and training room in downtown LA can be maximized with full height markerboards provide a clean look and are also magnetized.  This space was designed by Gensler and brought together by Corporate Contractors.  We provided the structural ... Read More


When it comes to colocation services in Orange County, CenturyLink is the place to go.  For flexible & creative space – give L2 Specialties a call!  Moderco’s Crystal 241 acoustic glass operable partitions were the perfect solution on this project designed by IA Interior Architects. These offices not only look hi-tech, but the way they perform with great sound privacy ... Read More


Another  great flexible and creative space project with Moderco’s Crystal 44 STC glass operable partitions.  SAA Interior Architects designed a beautiful spaces for the corporate offices of WKE, Inc.  These civil engineers will notice and appreciate the quality details.  The glass preserves the views with a daily pass door when set up.  When needed, within minutes the partitions pocket away ... Read More


Calibre 2018 Winner! Vertex Pharmaceutical’s new laboratories and campus will be the envy of Torrey Pines. The finishes on this project by DGA Planning and Architects look great and Moderco’s Excel 742 operable partitions bring great flexibility and privacy to the training and conference rooms. The two partitions allow up to 3 meeting rooms or when there’s a large function ... Read More

Sunstone Hotel Investors

Love how this project showcases beautiful sliding glass office fronts, especially the black matte finish.  Sunstone’s headquarters are a work of art and Gensler designed this space incredibly.  The views are preserved by the frameless glass of the sliding panels, the fully exposed black matte finish looks beautiful and was complemented by a clerestory.  The flexible space in the conference ... Read More


Here is a great example of the projects L2 Specialties provides for many of our commercial real estate projects. Maximizing conference rooms is critical when you have meetings that vary in size and your space is limited. Having the flexibility of Moderco’s paired panel operable partitions makes the setup quick and easy. On this project we utilized the Signature 842 ... Read More

Whitman Peterson

This project was a great utilization of Moderco’s Vision 121 frameless glass operable partitions with bronze finish. Whitman Peterson’s Westlake office looks fantastic and the views through the conference room show beautifully. When there are large gatherings the glass panels quickly stack away to open up and fully utilize the open layout. This project was designed by Studio W2 and ... Read More

Quest Nutrition

Imagine that your offices had amazing unobstructed views, your office doors slide easily out of the way without taking any office space and you had a choice of multiple finishes to match your building. Well, stop dreaming because as Quest Nutrition found out, this is reality! L2 Specialties worked with Moshiri Associates as architect and Howard Building Corporation General Contractor ... Read More

Galardi Group

Founded in 1961 by John Galardi with a single location in Southern California, Wienerschnitzel has grown to be the world’s largest hot dog chain serving more than 120 million hot dogs a year. They are poised for growth and nothing’s going to stop them – including long lead times from the “other guys”! When they were told 12 weeks delivery ... Read More

Schlesinger Group

Contrast is good, sometimes on a simple project like this it’s VERY good! I love the way these full height markerboards contrast with the dark finishes of the adjacent panels, don’t you? This project was beautifully designed by Klawiter Architects using Moderco’s Excel 742 paired panel system. L2 Specialties worked with GC Environmental Contracting to get these beautiful results on ... Read More

SCI Lighting

It’s always great to see the designs on paper come to life. LPA Architects utilized Extendo Sliding Glass Office Front system to maximize the light and openness of this conference and training room for SCI Lighting in Tustin, California. JLC Associates brought it all together as GC. L2 Specialties works from the beginning of projects through installation with our own ... Read More

Red O Mexican Restaurant – La Jolla

If you’re enjoying the patio at Red O Restaurant you’ll likely need a drink. You won’t have to go far since MBH Architects chose LaCantina folding countertop doors for bar. The entry to inside will also take you through pocketing sliding LaCantina Doors. ITX brought this project together well as GC.

Rates are still amazing and so are the finishes on Nationstar’s  offices!  We recently installed Moderco’s 742 paired panel system with automatic seals on this Irvine project with DBaC, Inc that was beautifully designed by Gensler. The 50 STC of the operable partitions quickly divides the room so training and sales to work side by side while privacy is ensured!

OUE – Conference Room

Beautiful wood finishes and fabric finishes combine for a couple looks to the same project. The OUE – US Bank has a great conference room that’s been getting a lot of use. When there’s a large event the area is wide open in minutes. The Moderco 842 with 55 STC privacy for simultaneous meetings inside and out. SAA did a ... Read More

PT Gaming

This project showcases another way L2 Specialties can help you with creative space – vertically! PT Gaming, LLC, is one of the largest fully licensed Third Party Providers of Proposition Player Services in California and they know how to have fun. When they were creating their new SoCal office they turned to Kamus & Keller and L2 Specialties to create ... Read More

Brailsford & Dunlavey

The Met in Costa Mesa has really been transformed by McCarthy Cook, great amenities! Now, new tenants are transforming the offices. L2 Specialties partnered with SAA Interiors & Architecture and Amaron Construction to transform the new offices of Brailsford & Dunlavey. The beautiful light and openness was maximized with sliding glass office front glass systems. Our performance was noted by ... Read More

Wow! That’s what I imagine all the kids will be saying when they arrive at Emmanuel Faith Church for VBS this summer. If they’re in Escondido at the new Children’s Center the bright carpets themes and colors really will create a fun environment for learning, fun, and praise. When there’s a big event the four large Moderco Excel 742 paired ... Read More

Castelblanco Law Office

Creative and Flexible Space is on display at Castelblanco Law Group’s offices in Studio City, CA. This office shows how L2 Specialties utilized Moderco’s Crystal 241 glass partitions to keep the office bright, allows the space to open into one large conference room for large meetings. The acoustic glass with 44 STC allows two meetings and the powered blinds provide ... Read More

Firefighter’s risk their lives each day protecting our homes, communities and families. It’s not very often that we get the opportunity to express our gratitude. L2 Specialties was proud to participate in a project that will honor these heroes with the Mayne Event Center and Fire Museum in Bellflower, CA. L2 Specialties partnered with Sillman Wright Architect and general contractor ... Read More

Securitas 4360

Love how this project shows many of the things we do at L2 Specialties. The finishes on this project designed by Fisher Design Company, look fantastic and all of the marker boards give a lot of room to collaborate and share ideas. The truly flexible layouts allow the walls to divide the room, utilize the marker boards during large meetings ... Read More

Whittaker & Company CPA

When Whittaker & Co CPA were making plans for their new office they took the same time and care they utilize in providing their clients strategies and solutions for their business plans. The results show, the new office looks amazing with quality features and finishes. L2 Specialties worked together with Hurkes Harris Architects to make the conference room fit into ... Read More

MVGH – Wellness Center

Walking this facility I suddenly wished I could retire, wow!  This facility is in the beautiful Huntington Library neighborhood and the amenities of this senior living facility and property make it fit right in. L2 Specialties brought a couple of our manufacturers into this project to provide the ultimate flexible space – inside and out. Shelter LLP did a wonderful ... Read More

OUE Skyspace

If you’re wondering what we’ll do for our customers the last photo is a great indication. L2 Specialties completed it’s highest project to date on the 70th floor of the US Bank tower. We provided our Moderco operable partitions that beautifully divide the floor for two simultaneous functions. If you’re looking for a quick space division, Moderco’s 742 with it’s ... Read More

Caltech CAST

Here’s another project where multiple products from our vendors came together with spectacular results. L2 Specialties can divide and beautify space like we did for Caltech’s new Center for Autonomous Systems Technolgy(CAST) Research Center. We utilized a sliding glass office front system and also contrasting 8′ high yellow and white sliding glass marker boards from Claridge with room for storage ... Read More

1055 Colorado Conference

This project shows how FlexibleSpace and a Creative Office should look! This conference room shows up when they need it at this shared meeting room for the building. Wolcott Interior Design provided some great finishes in what was once a drab office space. L2 Specialties provided structural supports and 44 STC Moderco Crystal operable partitions. Our GC, Stanhope brought together ... Read More

Golden State Foods

Floor to ceiling marker boards have become a very popular option for our operable partition projects. They are a great solution for training rooms, laboratories and classrooms that allow hands on participation. This paired panel system sets up quickly and pockets away when larger rooms are required. This project at Golden State Foods in Irvine also featured many Clarus Glass ... Read More

Great Wolf Lodge

This project by L2 Specialties is one of the funnest places for kids to stay with waterslides galore and fun room finishes extend the fun. We provided many finishes on this project including operable partitions that can make a large banquet room into six conference rooms when the need arises. We also installed corner guard wall protection, fire cabinets, custom ... Read More

Burns & McDonnell, OC

As you’d expect, Burns & McDonnell’s OC office has a lot of engineered details. We’re especially excited that Gensler chose frameless sliding glass office front systems with soft close for many of the offices and conference rooms of their Orange County office. Opening or closing, the glass panels are gently eased into place. CDG did a great job as General ... Read More

Sage IPG

While most of our projects require a complete remodel, sometimes the need is by a property manager for small projects. This project utilized Moderco’s Excel 742 series paired panel partitions to divide a large conference room into 2 smaller rooms until the larger room is required. Then in less than 5 minutes you’re ready to go!

Borders & Associates

Adding frameless sliding glass office fronts to a small office project maximizes space and colors. Just ask the folks at Robert Border Architects or visit their new office in Costa Mesa to see it first hand…

Southern California is the best place for outdoor dining and these LaCantina Doors were the perfect way to bring the outdoors into your dining experience at The District on The Bloc at The Sheraton in Downtown LA. The wood finishes selected by Studio 111 were the perfect way to complement the beautiful restaurant and bar in the heart of DTLA. ... Read More

Assembly of God Church

Yes, of course we do accordion doors. We provide all types of solutions for dividing space and one of the solutions that works for many years has been the accordion door. Moderco’s Unifold was the perfect fit for this large multipurpose room at the Life Center, Assembly of God Church in Lakewood and it fit the budget. Whenever an extra ... Read More

Napa Valley Grille, Westwood

Timing was critical and the ‘other guys” couldn’t deliver, L2 Specialties responded to meet the schedule and the demand for private meeting rooms, company parties, baby showers and weddings – with style! Within 2 weeks the tracks and structural support were installed and 4 weeks later Moderco Excel 741 operable partitions were delivered.  The project was completed – on time ... Read More

Core States

The beautiful finishes and Moderco Crystal 241 with 44 STC Operable Glass were the perfect solution for the conference room of Core State’s Ontario office. The room is adjacent to the break area so when they host large events the area transforms into a large multi-purpose room. SAA Interior Architects designed this space and the results speak for themselves. JLC ... Read More

Law Office, Orange County

When one of Southern California’s leading law firms updated their Orange County office they beautifully opened the break room with recessed corner sliding glass office front system from L2 Specialties. Gensler did a fabulous design of the entire office and Turelk brought it all together as General Contractor. The Extendo sliding glass office front system provides up to two telescoping ... Read More

Schools need to maximize space and when you have a school performance you need plenty of room for the crowds. Solution – Moderco’s Signature 842 Operable partitions create 3 classrooms in between performances. When the drama practice is a little dramatic classes aren’t interrupted due to it’s high 55 STC performance. Access between classrooms is a breeze with pass doors.  ... Read More

J & J Irvine

The clean finishes of Moderco’s Excel 742 paired panel operable partitions were perfect for these training rooms designed and built by Unispace Design. Having floor to ceiling whiteboards for them were a great feature. Another area shows the flexibility by utilizing fabric on one side and partial marker boards on the other. Your choices for finishes are endless!

Mesa College Commons

Colleges never know what courses will have the highest demand so flexibility is key tool for planning for higher education facilities.  Mesa College did just that with the operable partitions L2 Specialties provided on this project.  San Diego Community College District facilities are key to student’s success and SGPA and Miller Hull Partnership designed this campus common areas with cafeteria, ... Read More

Southbay Credit Union

New product and renovated space come together at this project in the Southbay. The bronze finish beautifully complimented the brick and steel of this 90 year old building. Moderco’s Vision 121 operable frameless glass is an alternative to our acoustic glass, solid operable partitions and hybrid solutions for flexible space. MA Nourse did a great job on this design build ... Read More

Turelk, Inc

Turelk, Inc. expanded their Downtown Los Angeles office and Frameless Extendo sliding glass office front system looks fantastic in this corner configuration.  No bottom track assures there’s no tripping hazard and is clean and always operates smoothly.  This project was nicely designed with Gensler and of course installed by our own L2 Specialties, Inc. crew!

Lakewood Country Club

Amazing graphics of this 1939 Clubhouse on Raydoor pocketing sliding panels beautifully highlighted this restoration at the Lakewood Country Club. Also the La Cantina folding door systems completed the look and openness that this project as they lead you out to the beautiful golf course. L2 Specialties provided and installed these systems on this project. It was designed by Michael ... Read More

Cushman & Wakefield, OC

Cushman and Wakefield’s Orange County offices really show how frameless glass enhances daylighting provides and creates an open feel. At the same time there’s ample privacy with offices and breakout rooms. Gensler Newport really designed this space well. L2 Specialties provided sliding glass office fronts with KSL(soft close and open) catches the door and smoothly completes the opening. Howard Building ... Read More

Redstone – Sliding Glass

This project was for the conference rooms for spec suite in Newport Beach. SAA designed great finishes into this project including frameless sliding glass office front doors with the Rollglass Corner sliding glass office fronts system. We completed this project with Esplanade Builders as GC. L2 Specialties – Flexible Space Solutions with Interior Motives!  This space was sure to be ... Read More


This project with Moderco’s 742 paired panel system with 50 STC show the flexibility of finishes for operable partitions. One side has floor to ceiling markerboards and the other has fabric. Whether you have a training room, conference, break room or mulitpurpose room we have a finish that will work for you. SAA Interior Design did a great job designing ... Read More


While we provide some of our largest operable partitions for hotels and school gymnasiums, many of our projects are for training and conference rooms to maximize space. Here’s a good example of how these look, including a video to show how quickly they can be set up. L2 Specialties provided a complete structural support system, Moderco’s 742 Paired Panel System.  ... Read More

Parker’s Lighthouse

Love that one of my favorite restaurants is also a customer. The view from Parker’s Lighthouse is hard to improve, but L2 Specialties did our best in the the banquet/meeting room with two large LaCantina folding doors onto the patio overlooking the bay and the Queen Mary.   The pass doors allow daily access when the folding doors aren’t opened onto ... Read More

Water Garden – Oracle

The water features of this office campus were the perfect place to bring the outdoors inside for our customer and the Nanawall folding doors did the job beautifully.  Within a couple minutes these doors open to bring in our beautiful Southern California weather.  Inside you’ll find Clarus glass markerboards providing surfaces to create and share ideas and then clean them ... Read More

Film Independent

Another great project featuring the Moderco Crystal and 700 Series operable partitions. +Film Independent couldn’t give up a view of downtown Los Angeles, so they chose the Crystal to keep that beautiful view and divide the space. This project was beautifually designed by Interior Architects and built with Holwick Constructors

8500 Sunset

While L2 Specialties is known for our many commercial and hospitality projects sometimes we are called on for some amazing mixed use projects like this. We installed frameless Extendo sliding glass office fronts and custom pocket doors for the common area meeting rooms and kitchen of this great project in the heart of Hollywood.

Everly Kimpton

Hollywood is always the place to go to see the newest styles and glamour. Now the Kimpton Everly Hotel has opened the doors and the meeting rooms feature beautiful Moderco Operable Partitions. The matching pocket doors conceal the panels until these partitions allow the rooms to be maximized when movie, business execs or wedding parties require privacy and flexibility. This ... Read More

520 N Central

What’s the maximum clear opening for Extendo sliding glass office fronts, you ask? Here it is on this office lobby beautiful project in Glendale 10′ x 16′, with unlimited fixed panels. The locking ladder pulls are a great option for security. Project was designed by SAA and our GC was Manage 360 Contracting.

Baseball is always in the air as this project by L2 Specialties, Inc. shows. This installation of Moderco 741 series operable partition shows what we can do with custom finishes at Los Angeles Dodgers Stadium – Go Blue!

Barton Schoolhouse Renovation

L2 Specialties works on many amazing projects, but taking part on this project that restored a 1901 School House takes the cake. McNaughton Architectural transformed this abandoned facility into space that utilizes Moderco Operable Partitions to maximize and create four classrooms. The Barton School House uses the flexibility of three 50 STC Moderco Excel 742 Paired Panel partitions to quickly ... Read More

Westgroup Design

We completed this project for the offices of Westgroup Design several years ago and they’ve been enjoying them ever since.  Whether your in the smaller conference room or the large, they are both beautiful and open up the space when needed.  They also provide the daylighting benefits only frameless glass office fronts can achieve.  Amaron Constrution did a great job ... Read More

Cal State Fullerton

L2 Specialties loves making a difference in our community’s future and one of the ways we do this is through our school projects. Here is one of two projects we completed this summer for Cal State University, Fullerton with Swinerton Construction. This project was designed by Steinberg Hart Architects and utilized Moderco 741 Operable Partitions, the color schemes look great ... Read More

The Griffin Club

Welcome to the new Griffin Club, Los Angeles’ premier tennis club. Everywhere you turn in this facility you’ll find the beautiful and flexible innovations a fabulous club like this deserves and L2 Specialties provides. We completed this project with Driver SPG as the GC, Beautifully designed by CCY Architects and project management by D3. The operable walls from Moderco maximized ... Read More

Focus Dance

Great project at Focus Dance Center For the Performing Arts designed by Steiner Studios and GC Slater Builders using Moderco 742 Paired Panel Operable Partitions.

Hotel Californian

Santa Barbara has an amazing addition with this new four star resort Hotel Californian, beautifully designed by DesignArc and built by MATT Construction. L2 Specialties provided some amazing custom wood finishes on their Signature 842 series operable walls from Moderco. These partitions provide acoustic privacy at 55 STC and pocket away to maximize the ball room and meeting spaces. Entrada ... Read More

Balboa Bay Resort

Great views are even better with flexible space and an ocean breeze. This project at Balboa Bay Resort still looks great several years after L2 Specialties installed these LaCantina Doors and folding window systems. This project was designed beautifully to capture the harbor and views of the beach front by Lee & Sakahara. Driver SPG was the GC and brought ... Read More

Intense Lighting

This project really has some great finishes designed by Lundstrom & Associates Architects. We completed this project with sliding glass office fronts and the modern finishes really pop with the lighting and frameless glass. Our GC was Pacific Construction Group.


So how long does it take to set up an operable wall? Small room with Moderco Excel comes standard with automatic seals, about 3 minutes… The full height pivot door  provides quick access to the adjacent room and panels stack well against it.  This nice project for Dinequity was designed by Wolcott Architecture | Interiors and brought together by Pinnacle ... Read More

Buchanan Partners

Beautiful finishes are shown throughout this office project for Buchanan Partner’s office and the views can be enjoyed and fresh air brought in.  This project showcased the pocketing and sliding stack features we can provide with LaCantina Doors. We worked with designer H. Hendy and GC Coastal Pacific Construction, Inc.

Lyon Stahl

Great finishes to the Moderco Crystal operable glass wall with 44 STC for privacy at Lyon Stahl Real Estate Group.  Back painting allows the surface to be utilized as a marker board when it’s not busy looking amazing and letting light in! Project was designed by Kamus and Keller and GC was Norm Wilson and Sons.

Amazing project to see come together for the #UCLA BRUINS! L2 Specialties teamed up with ZGF Architects and PCL Construction to provide some amazing lockers for a fabulous training facility. Find out more about the new facility here:

Casco Contractors

We love when we get to provide the finishes for our designers/architects and General Contractor’s offices – on this project we got to do both!  Casco’s move to a new office gave us the opportunity to provide Moderco’s Crystal 241 Acoustic glass operable partitions and with 44 STC privacy is provided to the adjacent breakroom and lobby.  The film on ... Read More

Quartus Engineering

This is a great example of what bold colord can do for your project. This new facility for Quartus Engineering in San Diego was beautifully designed by Archtectural Concepts, Inc. /4Design and the GC was Provost Construction. Sliding glass office fronts never looked better!

Cushman & Wakefield

Any angle you look from you’re going to see beautiful frameless sliding glass office fronts and amazing views of El Segundo. Cushman and Wakefield’s office space was beautifully designed by Aref and Associates and built by Howard Building Corporation. L2 Specialties used frameless sliding glass system throughout and the results are dramatic.

Aspen Medical Labs

This project at Aspen Medical Products that L2 Specialties completed with Moderco 742 Operable walls. Turelk was the GC and this great project was designed by LPA. Note the automatic top seals make set-up a breeze and flexible space is maximized! Acoustic privacy perfectly matched the surroundings at 50 STC.